Same Shit    
Rat Bones   
Lie Is Its Name   
Idols Without Regret     
Pintar De Verde   
Your Blood     
Here I Come   
False Domination     
Angry Vibes   

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Same Shit

New page they say it's a new way
Won't change rules are all the same
control freedom is a symbol
New fight let's get ready to rumble


I don't want the same shit
Without soul
I don't want the same shit
Under controll
I don't want the same shit
Without brain
I don't want the same shit
And feel the same pain

Masses you can be used without a face
Fuck this don't be a memeber of the race
Real life you are all alone
Stand up nothing counts but your own.


Rat Bones

I hear voices coming out of my head
They are my destiny and your dead end
I'm closed into my body suggest me hate
Souls tied together lost their faith


Voices loud so loud 
Rat bones in my mind
Voices can't drive them back 
Rat bones deadly blood compact

Rat bones under my skin
Rat bones they kill my dream            
Rat bones under my skin 
Rat bones it's time to kill 

I've dig that bones out for a long time 
They're inside me, here in my mind 
Crushed splints opened my veins
Affect me and cause me so much pain 



Lie Is Its Name

I've got a secret
My love, my parasite
I never gonna tell you
So never ask me why

It's hidden under my skin
this deadly sin of mine
Poison in my body
Pleasura makes me blind

My whole life is pain
Because of this love
It's my punishment
Will never be enough
Lie is its name
Promises are mine
I don't care now
It leaves me as I die

Because of this love
I can't live my life
Because of this love
Can't find the way out

It invites me all the tim
Into a circle deep inside
Floating trough dimensions
Behind clouds I touch the sky
But there are shadows on faces
Every mouth is full of sand
They are standing in a row
It's a slow walk 'till the end


Idols Without Regret

In plastic world a new day
You don't wanna see
Its reality you must feel
The taste of the filth
Its in your (dirty) month
Deep under your skin
These're broken worms
Try to grasp them

It must burn and hurt & cause that pain

You're lying into the faces
You're smiling in the mirror
You give a faith, an idol
Devices in the hard of the terror

Dirty dignity surface
Just scream of a slave
Just spies in the whole life
Stupid self break
Supplication, imploring hands
There's nothing to help
It isn't worth it
To worry about someone else


Pintar De Verde

Acerto a ser vierrias aquel due
El relej dió las diez
Canvience no perder tiempo
Me cuesta mucho confesarlo
No pude no tiene espera

Conforme - confore
Pintar de verde
Conforme - conforme
Con mucho questo

Abrir el fuego
Sin decir aquava
De una empresa
A la carta o a la larga
Dar alos uno
No puedo no tiene espera

Throw your hands in the air and fly so high
I really wanna roll a blunt and touch the sky
I don't wanna think about what's out there
I'm with my friends and feel myself well
Don't seek my aim it's nonsense what I do
My only message is ha-ha-ha fuck you


Your Blood

Innocent deformed child
Concepted by my lies
Born by my isolation
Its suffering is my creation

Piece of me I love its embrance
But I'll never know its face
It hurts I'm the one to blame
I want you to feel my pain

I'm your blood
I can feel
I'm your blood
I'm your fear

I'm your blood
I'm your pain
I'm your blood
We're the same

Time sweeps my tears away
Quiet words, yes, they show my way
Their whisper strokes me
I see my victim's body

My knife runs into it again
Pleasure kills 'till the end
Flash on my blade: my kind of art
I'm in my hell and I won't get out


Here I come

Don't think I'm yours 
Don't try to own me
I live my own life
Let me live free

Don't wanna fuck with me 

You're talking shit I see
And yopu can easily
Find the devil in me 

Step back, step back
 Here comes my turn 
Step back, step back 
You'll see your body burn
It's just a goddamn lie 
That you hide behind 
You've got the power of wealth 
But i've got my pride 

I could give up the fight
But I'm not that kind
'Cause I know deep inside
Truth is on my side 



False Domination

False words give the base of dogmas
Get higher 'n' higher
Behind the shadows there's a darkness
It's fight forever

Behind the mask of religion
A dictatorship
Under the pressure a fate of nation
Their hands're in clenched fist

In the faith hidden fear
In the pray uncertainty 
Go down on your knees
There's no other chance for you 'n' me

False domination

The head of the state is in uniform
The border are closed 
In the hot sand there're traps of tanks
Depth is the richess 

People die and fight 'till the end
They've got just one God
A false domination has the press
Madness what they've got



Angry Vibes

Rameling faces
Between foggy rails
Together alone
It's a gathering place

Hide behind yourself
I can't understand
Walk on your own way
Maybe you will find a man

Angry vibrations

Sit and see
Pictures of past
live your life
It's only the rest

Your mind needs
Just a little sign
I can't accept no more
this fucking state of mine, no


Vatos Logos

No teria tiempo pora estudiar
No teria tiempo pora recordar
No teria tiempo pora coher
Solo tengo tiempo pora beber

Vatos logos

Mi problema es de otra genero
Beber y por gue no
Solo despertar tengo cervezas
Y chichas guappas gustan tortugas

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