Respecet My Way  
Indifferent Masses    
Red Room    
Don't Play Macho  
Fuck The Beaten Track    
Bloody Desire    
Hate (Rap version)  

Respect My Way

Why do you look at me if you hate me
When I see your disgust I go crazy
'Cause you can't see, what's in my brain
And I don'thave any disease in my brain

You condemn me without knowing me
Because of formalities I'm your enemy
I just don't want to understand
Why am I worst when I'm different


I live my life how I want it -my way
I don't give a fuck if you don't like it -my way
Just hate me I don't give a damn shit - my way
You can't see what's in me so I don't care what you say

Don't want to tell me, who I have to be
Just look at your own life and let me be
Who I am, there's a lot of bigger problem
Leave me alone and concentrate on them

You waste your time with things of no importance
And forget easy what's the real substance
Don't fuck with me and don't see my aim
You play yours and I play my game


Lap tetejÚre / Top


You've got two choices the right and wrong side of the way
You've already chosen, so it's all the same
You shot down the old man to demostrate your power
and shot down the young one 'cause you're a street-hunter

On the street you're the king
But in the life you're so weak
'Cause you can shot but can't stop
The madness in your brain

What a bang... 

The fight, what you struggle, that's insane
You write the rules, you think it's a game
The life is in your hand is so innocents
Your pride is lie, try to comprehend


Lap tetejÚre / Top

Indifferent Masses

Deadly silence suggest big storm
Tempests will get their free way soon
Quietness -it's just self- deception
Our world is based on dead conception

Differences get more acute
Future moves off by a blind youth
We're balancing on a blade
Masess are digging their own grave

Don't die by their lies
Don't die by them
Open up your two eyes
While you can

So there's no time to do this blind shit
We're got to do something against it
'Cause only the words won't stop thee downfall
Stop this process or it burns us all

Who is to blame - the whole humanity
We all must assume responsibility
Don't be so fuckin' indifferent
It's our last chance try to understand


Lap tetejÚre / Top

Red Room

I steppeed into the red room
I waited for the time to meet
Take me with you
I want to leave this shit
I feel you fill my body
Please hold my hand
I'm scarred but in a minute
I'll be a strong man

But why do you want from me more and more
You didn't want to cause me pain before

Do you like to kill? - Look into my eyes !
Would you like to kill me? - Why did you tell me lies?

I'm here again
For the last time, I promise
I want your kind of feeling
You can't leave me like this
But why do you close the door
I'm still heree inside
I know the Red room is my cage
And you'll never let me out


Lap tetejÚre / Top

Don't Play Macho!

You think that you are God
A lot of money that's all you 've got
inside you are not worth much, so
Don't play the fuckin' macho

Pase lo que pase
Against us you're lost, hombre
We don't care for your lies
You're nothing in our eyes

Que gente es esa
Adonde va a parar
Fuera, al momento
Don't play macho

Don't show me your bitch, mierda
Mientras mas tiene, mas quiere
Siento mucho
Not you are the money, macho

You've got no choice against me
I'm not for sale, can't buy me
Pornada del mundo
Fuck your money, amigo


Lap tetejÚre / Top


It's a different day, your time has come
The lying interests betray you
Don't think about revenge, forget it
There's nothing you could do

Your way has been written
Have patience in silence
Belive in the power of faith
Wear your crown of violence

Rusty nails through your flesh
Endless gate in the plane
Into the immortality
Will we rise again?

Don't you feel fear? They expel you
In the protection of innocents
Suffer for our sins, your body cries blood
The torture never ends

Your followers pray can't help you too
In spile of your goodwill, you are lost
You cleared us of crime and vice
But your mission end on the cross


Lap tetejÚre / Top

Fuck The Beaten Track

You smoke the gras and drink a wine
What a feeling but not the way out
Enjoy the life til a limit
Sickness? - Make a think about it!

You don't like the beaten track
But you can be a nervous wreck
'Cos you don't know what you want
No, You dont't know what you want

What do you do?
What do you want?
What do you do?
What do you want?

Your life is your private matter
Give a shit what say the others
What will the future bring and why?
In time you will make a decide


Lap tetejÚre / Top


My body sinks through thick-mud
I wanna grasp something but just cannot
I fell my end and I see myself dead
While the waves dask-over my head

Gasp for breath, sink deeper -n- deeper
The light glimmers hardly and much more paler
My body grows weary, I don't feel pain
Every trouble seems to be far away

Life before my eyes
No one can tell me lies
I will see the secret
The question: Is it the beginning or is it the end?

The press of the mud is embrace now
I don't wanna be back and don't know how
I lost the sight of light, I can't see the surface
My new home is the restfull space

My body is cold and powerless
I'm hovering between life -n- death
Existence has lost his bond
A new kind of life has just began


Lap tetejÚre / Top

Bloody Desire

Just like a black crow
What tears your flesh with fire
Bites you a torturing desire

The instict what's preying your mind
From inside destroy you
But don't ask me why!

'Cos you're bleeding from 1000 wounds
And you're in cage of force
What keeps you back and you burn
While you'll be just a corp

You fear you past
But you don't really understand
Just look your blood in the sand

To the last drop and you feel
How killl you the hesitation
That's fed by fear


Lap tetejÚre / Top

Hate (rap version)

I wanna kill you, yes I wanna do it
I hate you, you are a piece of shit
It's time to your muthafuckin' die
This is a fuckin' question that why
You know it I know it this is right
What I want is a muthafuckin' fight
Beetween you and me F.I.G.H.T.
The question is to be or not to be

I only can say that get the fuck out
And do not open your muthafuckin' mouth
I hate you I hate you, yes I do
I'll kick your head, it's said but true
I'll knock you out, so come on, let's fight
There's nobody on your muthafuckin' side
I'm angry and hungry and want you to die
Just say your life goodbye and cry

The hate - I have, what I have
The hate - I have, what I have
The hate - I have, what I have
The hate - I have, what I have

The hate I have is a negative power
I am strong 'cause I know you're sucka
I am strong like my man Shaq
I'll beat you down with a hard attack
You make me sick your head like a dick
Now you can't play your dirty trick
'Cause you haven't got muthafuckin' time
What I will do it's the perfect crime

So I will kill you, that's right, exactly
Are you a bunny, come on and hit me
Here comes my friend your muthafuckin' end
Just say a wrong word and you are dead
I won't make an ass out of my mouth
Don't cry like a baby, come on let's fight
The hate I have is a negative power
You are  dead muthafucka, game over


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