Smilling Killer Eyes    
Stick Society    

Mind in Cage

Foreign Life Forms    
Deadly Dream Enervates    
Sangre por sangre    


Smilling Killer Eyes

What will bring me hope
I see the death of my soul
That's sure, that not your smile
You can't say me that was all

I see my fear in your eye
That brings shadow to my life

Reality - used to be a friend of lies
Reality - there's no other choice of mine
Reality - that's what I see in your eye
Reality - fuck you & kill me o'right

With your Smilling Killer Eyes

The evil and poor side of your life
That's what I see in killer eyes

Why can't you realize
It's my life what you deny
Yeah, that's the aim of my fight
And you can't deny it only try

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Stick Society

I hang down helpless into the water
Impaled to a piece of iron, can't stand it longer
Past 'n' future are the same I've got to forget myself
I count on nobody  only on my help
Victim of this goddamn society system
I'm my innocent, but noboby cares 'bout the life of man
And that's what you call as a civilisation
in my opinion it's just the drug of sick nation

Flowin Time
Timless Space
Space in Mind
Mindless Race

Just look around in our goddamn world
I think it's the wrong way it has turned
I feel like my brain fals apart in a minute
I've done nothing but I have to suffer for it
Don't you feel yourself guility for the life of some people
Who sink deeper 'n' deeper while you burn in money fever
Living in a mass it's just less than a wonder
Your fuckin' buisiness why I have to go 6 feet under...


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Mind in Cage

The vulgar eyes of a mindless Crime
Are looking at you till the end of time
Your mind is filled with hate
You are your own slave, can't escape
When you're all alone you feel the same old pain
in your brain falls a deadly rain
You have no choice, you've to play game with
The m.f. death is the only exit

To kill somebody
it's not worth the money
To kill somebody
it's not worth the trouble

Lobotomy they are not on your side
Chemical will change your mind
When they get you it means your death
Your freedom is a weapon, don't forget
It was just a minute, the pain last forever
The last smile of the death, you won't forget it never 
in your souls resounds the silent scream
You'll see the dirty blood in your every dream


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Foreign Life Forms

Somewhere in the past, some stolen hours
Strange memories, on my own
Deep in the fear, controlled by demon
They come from the livin' hologram
Standing, with an opened mind
Searching, the reason why
You seek the future's key, all alone
To another dimension, to the unknwon

In trap forever - The nation of fear
Meeting with the other - Fear of my dream
They've my body - world of my fear
I've got their body - Deep inside me

The clouds are red, it goes by in my eye
Below me terrible depth, I fly so high
I can't escape, I see a neverending way
Who's walking on the darkside of my brain
I wanna forget, all the secrets
To wait for the silence, to lie without respects
I know, once the things will be clear
In the net of silence, there's a misterious world of the fear...


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I wanna kill you, yes I wanna do it
I hate you, you are a piece of shit
It's time to your muthafuckin' die
This is a fuckin' question that why
You know it I know it this is right
What I want is a muthafuckin' fight
Beetween you and me F.I.G.H.T.
The question is to be or not to be

I only can say that get the fuck out
And do not open your muthafuckin' mouth
I hate you I hate you, yes I do
I'll kick your head, it's said but true
I'll knock you out, so come on, let's fight
There's nobody on your muthafuckin' side
I'm angry and hungry and want you to die
Just say your life goodbye and cry

You wanted to be
My enemy - It's on
So leave me alone

The hate I have is a negative power
I am strong 'cause I know you're sucka
I am strong like ma'man Shaq
I'll beat you down with a hard attack
You make me sick your head like a dick
Now you can't play your dirty trick
'Cause you haven't got muthafuckin' time
What I will do it's the perfect crime

So I will kill you, that's right, exactly
Are you a bunny, come on and hit me
Here comes my friend your muthafuckin' end
Just say a wrong word and you are dead
I won't make an ass out of my mouth
Don't cry like a baby, come on let's fight
The hate I have is a negative power
You are  dead muthafucka, game over


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Deadly Dream Enervates

It woke up in me I asked softly
Leave me alone with a gun on my own
My other self is injected in me
Fatal invention, I had to be
With enpty hands, no fear, no pain
Neverending function wounded brain
Infectious creature makes me sleepy
Reality disappers into mistery
The innocent eyes wake me up,
But the deadly dream enervates...

Immobile mutiated bodies
Never will find the forgotten peace
The earth quenches with blood its thirst
Tears on the faces burn and hurt
It's not my blame, I'm innocent
I am a part of a program
Jungle fight rules my mind
Maybe it will be never over

Close to me - Perfectly
I am a - Killing Machine


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Sangre por sangre

El amar ti es porder  
Te condena la muerte  
Según el deseo  
A sngre fria, que cunde,  
Scacar de raiz, estoy perdido  
No puedo soportar a ese hombre  

Lo siento mucho  
La sangre no miente.  

Es parecido al abono  
Hay que poner punto final a esto  
?Esta bien? En este monento  
Listo para el combate  
Con el agua al cuello  
Me lo pagaras caro.  

Dente por dente.


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